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Skills development

Developing skills for the region

CEME is ultimately focused on economic regeneration and ensuring our communities have the skills they need to succeed today and in the future. Our partners include entrepreneurs, schools, apprentices, training providers and other educational organisations. Together we aim to provide access to a variety of projects and initiatives that support our communities.

The volume and variety of skills needed is being driven by huge growth and development projects across the region. The Thames Estuary Growth Commission is tasked with setting a wide-reaching vision and delivery plan for Kent, south Essex and east London. Rapid change with high levels of investment will deliver regeneration, enhance connections, and develop the economic infrastructure. Find out more on our Green tech webpages.

To ensure our local communities can access new jobs and career pathways, CEME is focused on creating and supporting skills development projects and initiatives, including through our Gateway to Skills programme with schools. We are proud to work with a variety of partners, enabling meaningful and practical opportunities to our local communities.

Skills for business growth

We know that skills development is a major part of business growth, both for where your business is now and where it might go in the future. That’s why we offer access to bespoke learning and development courses to any business on our campus through our Business Growth Academy.

We work with universities including Coventry University London and the University of Warwick to provide courses in subjects that perfectly suit our businesses. Designed on a modular basis, they allow businesses to learn without shifting focus from their essential development.

CEME is set to announce new projects and initiatives throughout 2023, including Green CPD workshops for teachers, career webinars for parents, carers and guardians, and major new green skills research across the region. Keep an eye on our news section and social channels for more information.

If you are interested in partnering with CEME, or supporting any of our skills projects, please contact lucy.groen@ceme.co.uk.

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