Business Growth Academy

Businesses grow four times faster at CEME compared to the UK average. That’s because we give you more than space. We give you the support, resources and inspiration you need to thrive. 

Here’s how

Our Business Growth Academy is a dynamic network of entrepreneurs, start-ups and grown-up businesses who can share their experience and learn from each other and from experts in the field. 

We work with independent research and technology organisations (RTOs) to bridge the gap between academia and industry and help businesses gain access to innovative research solutions, flexible skills development and education programmes.

Moving into the future, we will build on our ties with investors and financial institutions to provide easier access to financial support and advice for existing and future clients.

More than networking…

We’ve got big plans for your future. That’s why the CEME Business Growth Academy has been created. It brings together a dynamic network of entrepreneurs, start-up and established businesses who can share experiences and learn from each other and experts in their fields.

Membership is open to businesses based at CEME and in the surrounding region and includes:

  • A quarterly business networking event that takes place at CEME’s state-of-the-art business centre based in Rainham, East London, bringing together a wide variety of businesses, market sectors and experts.
  • Regular business support masterclasses including informative workshops, and expert insights.
  • A monthly newsletter sharing useful advice and support for business owners, and business promotion opportunities.
  • Access to research and development advice and facilities for new ideas and innovations.
  • Financial advice to support your business growth, including grant funding opportunities, expert advice on R&D Tax Credits, and connections to investors.
  • Discounts offered for room hire and office spaces, to incentivise new businesses, and support growth.

Get involved with our Business Growth Academy by contacting Yasmin Farrelly on 020 8596 5143 or

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