Hydrogen Summit 2022

A committed advocate for green technology and a cleaner future, CEME has pledged its support to enterprises investigating alternative energy sources. That means creating an environment that encourages and enables research and development, investment and innovation. It also means exploring and exploiting the established technologies and infrastructures that are so vital to future progress.

The CEME Hydrogen Summit 2022 brought together a community of like-minded people and organisations, all of whom share our commitment to creating a fully functioning hydrogen ecosystem for the whole of the UK.

Watch all the videos from our Hydrogen Summit panels and discussions above, or on our YouTube channel.

Hydrogen has the potential to make a significant contribution to the UK economy. The Thames Estuary and South East is a perfect location for innovators and investors. We have the understanding and the skills base, and the beginnings of an infrastructure that could place us squarely on the future global energy map.

Key highlights from the day were:

  • The launch of the innovative Hydrogen Living Lab by CEME, Thames Estuary Growth Board and Ikigai Capital.
  • A skills partnership between CEME, renewable technology solutions and training provider Quantum Group and world-leading heat pump manufacturer Daikin UK.
  • Working with Local London colleges to ensure we have the future fit green curriculum.
  • The world’s first hydrogen double-deck bus from Wrightbus.
  • An upgraded Motive Fuels Ltd hydrogen refilling station, demonstrated using the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

H2: Fuelling the future publication

This exciting new digital publication for our hydrogen community will report regularly on the amazing work that is being done along The Thames Estuary and South East. It will also act as a conduit for vital information flow between all those organisations and businesses who are committed to the future development of hydrogen.

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