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For many of us, maths is an area that we do not have confidence in. A recent poll conducted by FE News found that 47 per cent of parents admitted to ‘dreading the moment their child returns from school with maths homework’.

In addition, as a nation, we are facing a large gap in maths skills, at a time when data and STEM based careers are in high demand. While the recent announcement by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to extend compulsory maths education post-16 will certainly support our children and young people, what about us adults?

Maths is used in our everyday lives, probably without us realising it – from (trying) to manage our energy bills and household budgets, to understanding our pay slips and bank statements. With a bigger focus on data analysis and insights in business, learning the basics in Excel or beyond has become a key area of upskilling to secure that next promotion.

So how can we ‘do’ maths, without learning maths?

CEME is pleased to announce that, with our partners at New City College Group (NCC), we have accessed funding to create tailored training around maths skills for adults aged 19 and over.

To apply, you must be resident in London and have not previously attained a GCSE Grade 4/C or higher maths qualification.

The training can be delivered in person on CEME campus or in your office, online or a mixture of both. The courses can be quick modular bursts, or more intensive programmes delivered over a few weeks or months.

Training is tailored around a particular need, for example, helping your child with their maths homework, or learning how to use Excel for beginner data analysis and insights, or even just helping you with household budgets. Whatever the need is, we are able to help you.

If you are interested in finding out more, or if you have a need for training in anything maths related, please email our Associate Director of Skills Development and Engagement at tracey.wright@ceme.co.uk by Friday, 18 February for an initial chat.